There’s a giant cloud in the constellation Aquila that contains enough alcohol to give every person on Earth 300,000 pints of beer for a billion years. Once we’re able to travel 10,000 light years away, that will be one heck of a beer run. Source
Illustrator - Eddie Guy
…I’m a little horrified

Mattie Ross for #DrawCoenBrosCharacters more at mookiest.tumblr.com

Morning sketch.

Ma Jing Hu

Two doctors on a British Airways flight performed a surgery on a woman with a collapsed lung by using a urinary catheter, a wire hanger, a half-filled bottle of Evian, and some 5-star brandy from first class. They not only saved her life, but she was back to normal within 15 minutes. Source
andy warhol - self portrait

Zombie Adam bomb - Nat Jones

atom bomb?

FIGHT CLUB 2 Promotional image. Art by me, colour by Dave Stewart.  I am the artist of the official comic book sequel to the original Fight Club novel. The comic is written by Chuck Palahniuk himself, and debuts in May of 2015 as a 10-issue limited series.  More details here.