“Just forget yourself, and forget it hurts. Cut it off if it gets too fierce.”
in progress

Corvus brachyrhynchos #2, 2014
Pencil and watercolor drawing by Susan Rotondo

acrylic painting on paper (detail)

it’s hard for me to even admit how much influence this guy’s work has had on me

1946 Italian 4-foglio for TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT (Victor Saville, USA, 1946)
Artist: Anselmo Ballester (1897-1974) [see also]
Poster source: Heritage Auctions

this is pretty fucking awesome
got a first edition original print of this at pride last week, so cool

"La Careta" - Kyle And
Sold a painting! (admittedly a bit more than a sketch)
getting it
“it’s no longer a tree when it’s dead”

German poster for THE SAVAGE BEES (Bruce Geller, USA, 1976)
Artist: Klaus Dill (1922-2000) [see also]
Poster source: Archiv für Filmposter

I didn’t listen well enough
“I am not, in principle, opposed to doing commissions—and I like the idea of books or other projects where normal working people can afford the final product—but it’s hard to find people who want something interesting done.”