Zombie Adam bomb - Nat Jones

atom bomb?

FIGHT CLUB 2 Promotional image. Art by me, colour by Dave Stewart.  I am the artist of the official comic book sequel to the original Fight Club novel. The comic is written by Chuck Palahniuk himself, and debuts in May of 2015 as a 10-issue limited series.  More details here.

orchid mantis, Ink on bristol paper by ryan kelly

what a long fucking week that was. congrats on finishing the week, everyone
very strange film…
the wayward cloud - ming-liang tsai

resident evil x rockwell | Love it | Pinterest

There is a “salmon cannon” that helps the fish get upstream and over dams by safely launching them more than 100 feet into the air. Source
has a place in my heart
“What do you do when you get tired? You keep going.”

A 78-year-old man in Mississippi woke up in a body bag at a funeral home after being pronounced dead, only to officially die two weeks later.
“Beauty is a beguiling call to death, and I’m addicted to the pitch of it’s sweet siren”

Ravi Zupa